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I’m a connector!

Posted on: 20th October 2022 | 2 min

In my personal twitter bio it reads Podcaster/Connector/Networker.

We already know I do all things Podcast related and I love networking but where does the “connector” come in?

“Business connectors are the people who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions”

I love connecting business people together, it comes so naturally, I just can’t NOT do it.

I can be at an event, a meeting, networking and be chatting away to someone who will explain what they do and I always ask (or think) how can I help this person?

My mind goes into automatic pilot and searches the connections I’ve met and comes up with a great business connection for them.

And do you know what?

These connections always grow into something more…

Here’s an example:

I met Gemma at a business training day in Lancaster, she was from Blackpool.

I noticed at the break she wanted to chat and we did.. I immediately realised that she was a great fit for a business & networking colleague I’d recently met Sam and introduced them to each other in an “introductory email”. None of this was required of the event it’s just something I happily do.

Gemma called me to say that “she was drawn to me when I arrived at the event”, I was gobsmacked! She went on to say I brought energy and a touch of “something” when I arrived (I was late – ooops I’m not normally) and she wanted to be part of it! I was very flattered and a bit embarrassed to be honest at everything she was saying but really delighted I’d met someone so communicative and not shy in saying what she had felt.

The connection did grow, and Sam connected Gemma to others and they are doing projects together…

What did (or do) I get from these connections? Nothing.. yet everything.

I get THE best feeling from “doing the right thing” and being authentic, honest, and true in a world where we don’t always get that.

I get the satisfaction of knowing that they are going to go on to greater things too and that is just awesome.

Gemma kindly sent me this:

“Meeting Kath has been delightful, she was so inviting and has great energy, something just drew me to her and I’m glad it did! Kath immediately connected me with people she had recognised in her Network that would be a great fit and it’s led to some great meetings and contacts for me and my business.

Meeting likeminded, positive people is something I cherish, and I am truly grateful our paths crossed and for the kind connection and trust I received. I can’t wait to hopefully work with her myself in the future!”

Gemma Westerman, Inspired Health and Wellbeing.

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