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How can Podcasts help your Business?

Posted on: 20th May 2022 | 2 min

What are the business benefits of Podcasting?

Podcasts are popular, podcasts are getting more popular. Your business could stand out in your sector if you have a Podcast!

To your team:

The podcast has a real advantage for salespeople who are constantly on the go. Since they are in the car (a lot) they can listen to updated company information and stay in the loop about changes that are occurring in the business AND listen to what their customers/clients are being sent via email by way of newsletters or on social media.

No-one need miss an update! Your team can listen to any company news they have missed.

Internal information can be transferred by way of a monthly podcast, just record, edit and send and your teams can listen, when or where they want too!

Your Current Clients:

Your emailing list is a great marketing tool – why not update your Newsletter into a Podcast? That way your clients can listen to what you are sending them (or have a choice of whether to listen or read) on a monthly basis.

Potential Clients:

Whenever a business wants to change its marketing emphasis, their podcast will change with them.

Podcasts enable potential customers to find out more about a particular company its updated news, its range of products and service.. without feeling pressured by a salesperson. A friendly voice explaining what makes the company unique is a great way to convert a potential client into a customer.

Social Media clips of the Podcast with Soundbite teasers will draw in potential clients on Social Media Platforms to listen to your brand!

The other really great thing about podcasts is that they have an incredibly wide reach. Clients from across the world can access your business information, and learn about you in a simple, direct manner at any time, and without having to be tied to a computer.