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Recording TIPs for PODCAST Interviews Online

Posted on: 31st January 2024 | 2 min

More and more businesses are looking to guest on podcasts or host their very own podcast.  Online recording is quick, easy and efficient.

Here are 5 TIPS to keep in mind when guesting or hosting an online podcast:

I am using * “zoom” here as an example but many video conference platforms can be used through a computer, desktop or mobile app, using the same tips.

1. Pre-Setup

Zoom Account: Ensure both parties have a *Zoom account. Free accounts limit recording duration, so consider a paid plan for longer interviews.

Stable Internet: A stable internet connection for both participants is crucial for clear audio and video (you can save audio only or video only).

2. Equipment

Computer: A desktop or laptop with decent processing power and memory.

Microphone: Invest in a good quality USB microphone for better sound quality (but your built-in microphone with the *Zoom settings is ok starting out).

Headphones: Use headphones to prevent audio feedback and ensure better audio quality (use plug-in headphones).

Webcam: Built-in webcams are usually fine, but an external HD webcam can enhance video quality if you want the video and audio.

3. Software & Settings

Zoom App: Download and install the *Zoom app on your PC/laptop/Phone.

Settings: Configure Zoom settings for best audio quality. Go to Settings > Audio > Advanced and enable “Original Sound” for higher-quality audio.

Recording Format: Set Zoom to record separate audio files for each participant. Go to Settings > Recording and select “Record a separate audio file for each participant.”

4. Environment:

Quiet Space: Find a quiet environment to conduct the interview, minimising background noise.

Room Acoustics: Soft furnishings like rugs or curtains can help reduce echoes and improve sound quality (throw some cushions around to soak up the sound and stop it bouncing around).

5. During the Interview:

Testing: Before the interview, test the setup, including audio and video, to ensure everything works smoothly.

Distractions: Remove bracelets that can hit mics, remove pens (so you don’t click them) remove anything you can jingle/shuffle/click or the sound will pick up and distract guests/listeners, and are hard to edit out!

Positioning: Sit facing the camera, ensuring good lighting and a clear background (if you are using video). Sit comfortably in one position (avoid shuffling – again sound will be picked up).

Conversation Flow: Guide the conversation and avoid talking over each other to maintain clarity and avoid lots of editing.

Recording: Once all parties are ready, start recording the Zoom interview.


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Kath Lord-Green
Your Fairy Podmother